About me

Hallo. Nice to know, that You have come to my page, and have found time to read about me.

           I am Daiva. Here is “home” of my small business named REDPIN.  So, at first…

      A little bit about me…

       First of all, I am a mother and wife. My family  –  my strength! I and my husband are together for more than 10 years. We have two ccc girls, who is  “light of my life” and  the biggest source of inspiration.  And YES, sometimes,  they are my  biggest headache 🙂

           We  live in the middle of Europe, in Lithuania . It is  a small country near the Baltic Sea,  with  amazing forests and countryside.  Our country has a magnificent historical past, it was much hard times  too, but now, it is already more than 27 years  free small country an I am proud to live here.  I live in Kaunas – the second-largest town in Lithuania, located between two biggest Lithuania’s rivers. For me it is large enough town for “city life” ant together it have enough parks, forest and nice natural nature places to have quiet rest out of the city.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         picture from          http://beautiful-eastern-europe.blogspot.com

How RedPin came into my life…

When I was a child my mother teach me my first cross stitch…It was a small picture with crooked stitches , but it was the just beginning…One picture go after other picture and they fill my leisure. I have found cross stitch again when I became mother. Two my daughters inspire me to create mostly for children and not only for them…At first I have made some things for my girls, then my friends ask me make something similar ant special for their children. So one thing go after other thing and making something with cross stitching fill my leisure and more and more became not only hobby.  It became my passion, my self-expression and my  occupation for everyday.  I like to have my hands on the entire process: to design, create, make, produce, and communicate with customers. Every new order give me new ideas for new items, new things. So every day is an unstoppable process with new items and new ideas for the future too.   Usually my item is personalized, so it is unique, so can be a good present. I am on goal to produce everything with piece of my heart, cause I respect each item that evenly. So your wish for handmade item from me with definitely have a piece of my heart and respect.

Sheet of fabric, fiber and needle… that’s all I need to make my day… random from yesterday and upcoming tomorrow….